In creating sites for myself, my friends, and my work I was always annoyed at having to always some form of database layer in my code to easily communicate with whatever database I was using. Chances are the schema would be different everytime I had to do this. While it is not difficult to write your own database abstraction layer, it is time-consuming and since it seems everyone has their own idea of what column names should be where, I decided to try and formalize this as much as possible -- PublicPDA. I've been using a form of this for about a year now and am just now starting to make it publicly available. At the bottome of the page you can download the latest version.


To define a basic data abstraction layer for PHP that is easy and intuitive to use and implement. There are two main components to this idea: I have used various PHP frameworks in the past (Symfony, Zend, etc) that provide a data abstraction piece, but they require implementation of their framework in order to use them (which can be a lot of unnecessary work for a smallish website). PublicPDA aims to remove the database abstraction piece from the framework without losing any of the functionality.


This project will essentially be in eternal beta with stable point releases. Any code revisions should be submitted to the community for review and critique. Please forward any changes you would like to make to this code to: publicpda@restlesssoul.

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You can download the latest version here.

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